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Can I rent daily or hourly?

Both, while our booking system accepts hourly rentals only, daily rentals with a minimum of 3 days will be considered. Please call for details.

Boat Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Are renters liable for damages?

Yes, if you damage a vessel you will need to pay for it. Keeping a safe distance from the shoreline and by following safe boating practices the chance of damages occurring are substantially mitigated.

 Do I need to have my Pleasure Craft Operator Card to rent? 

No, you do not need your Pleasure Craft Operating Card, upon arrival we can issue 1 temporary license to a member of your party who is over the age of 23 and is comfortable and capable of captaining a boat. Remember to arrive early as this process can take 15-30 minutes.

Are there any out-of-bounds areas? 

Yes, absolutely no operating in US waters or in rapids upstream of the Niagara River. We also recommend not venturing into the middle of the lake. 

How old do I have to be to operate a vessel?

To operate a vessel, one must be over the age of 23.

Are life jackets provided?

Yes, life jackets and all safety equipment for operating a boat will be provided to you.

Is fuel included in the rental price?

The first 50L of fuel is included in your rental price. Anything over that amount you will have to pay.

Is 50L enough fuel?

Yes, 90% of all renters do not exceed this amount. However, if you plan on driving at full throttle for the entirety of your rental this amount can easily be exceeded.

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